Galactic Teddy 2

Galactic Teddy 2

Galactic Teddy 2 is an enjoyable game in which you are an ugly teddy bear
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Galactic Teddy 2 is an enjoyable game in which you are an ugly teddy bear whose mission is to recover all the missing parts of the talisman, which are scattered around different planets. In all the levels you will explore different labyrinths and collect all the missing parts in the allotted time in order to proceed to the next level. The thing is that the labyrinths are crowded with evil monsters which will try to prevent you from accomplishing your mission. You will need to kill these monsters by using bombs, but be careful not to explode with them.

Looking for the mission parts, you will also find other goodies that help you win the levels faster, like more powerful weapons, more bombs, extra lives, speed, shields, among many others. The levels look all different, with different colors and there will be more and more enemies as you advance. Unfortunately, the game graphics leave a lot to be desired, since they are very poor and look very old, sounds are poor too, and the music is very repetitive and annoying.

Galactic Teddy 2 is an enjoyable puzzle game that can keep you entertained for hours trying to beat the monsters, but the poor graphics are an important aspect that you should consider before buying this game.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Enjoyable
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Customizable


  • Poor graphics and sounds
  • Repetitive music
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